Are you seeking a Job or your own Business?

This is a question that many ask themselves these days especially working professionals that are over 40 and 50 and even some younger people that worker and businessmanafter college can’t find work or have worked for companies for a period of time have similar issues with many companies in today’s job market..   Let face there are many good things to have a job such as a regular income and benefits but along with the good comes the bad such as a bad boss or job that you don’t like and company politics and policies that you disagree with or really dislike but sometimes you do get lucky and have a really good environment and if you love what you do for work then all that is quickly over looked. For some of the reasons I listed and maybe others you might have decided you want your own business and if you did so then let me say “congrats” to taking control of your own future.

There are many perks to being your own boss such as your in charge and what you say goes within the guidelines of the law and what the Government allows.   The perks also include a possible better income that can grow much hirer then any company will pay you for most jobs.  Plus again you really don’t have a boss in your ear or really anyone unless you have a partner or investors but unless you gave them your company you can kind of fight back and tell them off and if you pay them off and give back that investment quickly they love you.

The con here is you are the person that control what happens to the company and if you have employees you also have to take care of them in your business after all you don’t want to drag  them down if your failing and you want to make sure they are paid.   Another is that as you grow you have to figure new benefits for you and employees such a medical and dental health care because a happy work force is a productive one.

Other things is you have to deal with are competitors and others that either try to take your customers away from you but again if you offer a quality product for the price and work with them and show you care about your customers they will keep coming back in most cases.  Yes you might lose some it is going to happen which is why you need a good sales force to find new customers and continue to grow your business.

Being a business owner is a tough and many challenges’s come with it but the good thing is no matter your education or back ground if you have a good quality service or product that others like and want to buy you can do very good for yourself and family plus your employees.  Yes it takes many long hours and hard work to get going and there is no guarantee of success but if you do it is a job / career for your life and when compared to working a job for a company these days since you’re lucky if your job last over 5 to 10 years and then your back on the job market and you have to rebuild your benefits and salary which takes a hit usually.

These are some of the reasons why I started my business which I hope to start launching my first product and service soon there are some things I need to do but I work on it all the time now and I find it a fun new and kind of exciting at times since I learn a lot of new things along the way.   I hope that many of you are think of try the same after all we all take a chance and challenges in life, just think we did this as we were young when we take our first bike ride or first steps as a child and the same goes later in life and if you decided to start your business then look forward to that Challenge and all the fun that you can have yes at times you might fail but when thing I have learned about successful people is they don’t give up trying and at one point you did not either just thin if you quit after you fell off your bike the first time in some ways starting a business is the same way you have to find something you like and are good at and push for success and like life you have to keep moving along not matter how many times you fall and before you know it you reach your goal.

In my next post will be more about getting started as a business owner and being a success.

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