Back to Business part 2 I’m back baby!!

Although I had plan on coming back to my blog site earlier this year, I was once again over loaded with work that had to be done on the new site I am going to be launching hopefully by early next year.   That does not mean I am walking away from my blog, on the contrary it means that I will have more new content in the coming year and get to talk about since this year has had me attending many business related functions plus been attending training seminars for business and coding.  giftelectronic

As we are now in the holidays I do want to wish all my subscribers all the best this holiday season and to get ready to light the fires for new business information here on my blog.    Just a sneak peak here I am going again change the content although mostly about business to getting you business online and how to make money and drive traffic to your site, this is an example of the new content coming for 2016. Of course I will am going to try and build this from the bottom in terms of a new business to the Internet to a business that will develop and grow.

I am also going to try and get open forums going so that we can address various questions and concerns when it comes to building a business and going online.    There will be this an much more in the coming year on my blog and I hope that you all will find the content helpful and enjoy it.

But for now let me just take the opportunity to thank you all for being members and joining the subscription to my site.  Also want to wish you all the best for this holiday season and I hope that you all find success in 2016 which should be an exciting year for us all.

I look forward to 2016 with you all.

Back to Business

It is back to business for me, after taking a few months to attend classes and meetings for local business building events I finally come back to my blog..
Like all of you other Entrepreneurs and business owner, I find it is a good idea to always continue to learn from others about business and to make new connections which help build your network of contacts. Just because you in business does not mean you stop learning since new ideas can be found from others on marketing and sale along with better ways to produce your products. change
Some of this meeting where through the SBA while others where at franchise events which is a good place to seen many different types of business at once.
Another thing that came to me is recognizing that Entrepreneurs come in all forms and although in my blog here I concentrated on just the business related ones you can still be Entrepreneur and make money without owning a business the best example would be a person that trades stocks and options or other commodity.. Yes I know it is not easy to do that but many have been very successful doing that kind of entrepreneurship.

Other thing that I took from all these meetings and classes is that I need to change direction some along the way and I will be doing that going forward here in my blog and business. It is a challenge to change when you doing things but sometimes it is a good idea..

Well I am back now so get ready because I am back to business..

A time for business change

During the holidays it can be a busy or slow time of year depending on your business. For many it is a good time to examine your business and how well you have been doing with sales, marketing along with quality and production of your product. Since most people are focused on the holidays this time of year I also like to review how well my business is doing and the changes I made during the year to see how well I those changes helped my business.   I don’t think any small businchangeess or any business owner should sit on the side lines and pat themselves on the back even if they have a great year since to keep your business operating you need to make adjustments to your business, otherwise you might be surprised at how quickly your great business result go away due to competitors that have made adjustments to their business and new competition.

Just like any in sports you have to make adjustments to keep your lead or win the game the same can be said about business and making changes that are going to your business succeed for the next year.   Some of these changes will take time for you to see the actual results while others you might see a direct and quicker reaction the key is to form a plan and make the changes and then measure your results. If you make changes and it has no effect on your business you can’t call it a failure because maybe something was overlooked? Or maybe it was not implemented correctly.  However if everything appears to have been done right with the changes you had in mind and you are losing business then again you might have to make changes again to get back that business.  Yes there can be set backs with any new changes made to a business but there can also be great rewards.

So how do you know what is the best changes to be made to your business? This is often a question that is answered by doing business and your customers and sales and getting feedback.   The feedback from doing business can tell you if you make a good or bad product but it also can tell you that your customers are willing to pay for the product or service you offer them since sale reflect back of what I call proof of concept in which your business is formed.     Your customer demands for your product or service and how they spread the word.   Yes marketing makes your customers aware and educations your customers but it does mean or guarantee that they are willing to pay for them until they actually buy the product. Now you know when you have a hit by sales when you can’t keep up with demand and a failure when those sales are not being made. If can’t keep up with demand it is a good thing right? Yes and No is the answer yes it is great but if you can meet the demands of your customers? Or will they mostly like look for others that can provide them with that product or service, which why one improvement you might need to make is up scaling your manufacturing or hiring more associates to either make more product or do the services you offer. You really don’t want to turn away customers saying sorry we can’t give you that because we just can’t. it are not a good thing for business. Yes it will take time and money to upscale and some customers will give you that time but you really have to move in a timely manner and get the changes in place.

Yes that is an example but other ideas and changes should be considered it all depends on the feedback you get and how good or bad your product or service is reflected in sales and customers.

I hope you enjoyed this article and come back for our next article.